• 1. How to extract zip archive with graphic files
    1.) Download .zip file compression software or unzip file online
    2.) Click right mouse button on archive
    3.) Choose extract file to....
  • 2. How to open vector files
    1.) Download vector editors (Illustrator, Inkscape, Coreldraw) or bitmap editors (Photoshop)
    2.) Open editor
    3.) Click on top menu, choose file and click on open (ctrl+o)
  • 3. How to edit/modify graphic files
    1.) You can download specific graphic editors like Photoshop or Corel or use online tools. With the help of graphic tools of editors you can easily change anything on artwork.

    2.) You can contact our image processing service that will help you edit or modify your files. We can help you design your business cards, flyers, banners, websites or simply process your images. Contact us at or visit or website
  • 4. Can I use your files for personal or commercial projects?
    Most content is free, but always check the license next to each file before use. We offer 3 types of files:.
    1.) Free for personal use only
    2.) Free for commercial use
    3.) Free for commercial use with attribution.
  • 5. How do you attribute?
    Simple, you attribute on your printed material. It just needs to be somewhere on the picture, next to the picture or anywhere on your website, it depends on the kind of service you offer. The rights of files remains with the author’s so you can not use the file without limitations. Kindly remember to not use the files as the only or main elements of your work.
  • 6. License
    You may use the files, provided:
    1.) It does not involve collective use
    2.) it does not suggests an association or endorsement by pixsector
    3.) it is not used or included in a database or archive in such a way that it prevents or limits future visits or downloads
    4.) it does not resell, assign, transfer or sublicense the files
    5.) it does not use the files in printed or electronic items aimed to be resold
    6.) it does not use the files in any trademark, logo or part of the same, of which may be used by any other mean to guarantee or to imply a guaranty of any product and/or service;
    7.) it does not use the files in connection with porn or immoral contents.
  • 7. Contact us