Copyright Notice

Notification of Infringement
If you find there is content posted within the pages of the Pixsector website that infringes copyright, please send notify us immediately by sending an email to us with the subject line as “Notification of Copyright Infringement”.

Notification Guidelines

We respect third party copyrights and do everything we can do protect those rights. It is our policy to collect feedback, respond, and take action when we are notified of infringement, as established by all applicable regulations. Once we receive a notification of infringement that complies with the below established guidelines, Pixsector will take action discretionary action including and up to the removal of copyrighted material and if appropriate, the disabling of the offending user’s account. When taking disciplinary measures against a user of Pixsector, diligence will be taken to contact the offending party and allow that party to make a statement concerning the alleged violation according to applicable regulations.

All notifications of infringement must meet the following requirements:

• An electronic or handwritten signature of the person submitting the infringement notification
• Identification of the specific piece of copyrighted work that the party claims to have been involved with the violation. If the violation includes multiple copyrighted pieces, a specific list of those involved must be submitted.
• Any materials that the party claims to have violated copyright laws and the specific materials that the party is requesting to be removed, along with the all of the information necessary for Pixsector to identify and locate the material.
• Information that will allow Pixsector to make contact with the notifying party, up to and including address, phone number, and email address.
• Statement by the notifying party that they are submitting in good faith that the material in question is protected by copyright laws and that the owner of the material has not given permission for the material to be used.
• A statement explaining that the copy in the submission is true and accurate.
Once the submission is received and verification is made that the submission meets the expressed requirements of submission, Pixsector will take action on the submission as soon as possible. Pixsector may or may not send a reply to the notifying party of action taken.

Statements made by the party notifying Pixsector of alleged copyright infringement must also meet all requirements for copyrights notification as required by law. The party submitting notification may be held liable if the infringement notice violates a third party’s rights and so Pixsector recommends that the party seek legal council if they are unsure about requirements.

PIxsector Contact Information for Copyright Infringement Notification:
If third reporting party believes that they have identified a repeat offender, please take steps to notify Pixsector so that we may take steps to verify and take discretionary action according to regulations.
If the requirements outlines above are not met, the notification for copyright infringement may not be valid and action may not be taken.
Pixsector thanks you in advance for cooperation with posted guidelines and information.

Reporting Abuse

Pixsector has a zero tolerance policy in place for any files, communication, or images considered to be abusive or otherwise deemed inappropriate by Pixsector. To call any material into question that may be a violation of our zero tolerance policy, please feel free to email us at with a description of such material and the necessary information needed for us to locate that material. We will take discretionary action and may or may not respond to you email.