, is a website that offers free templates, vector images, graphics, mockups, icons and more. We respect the rights of every legal copyright owner including the property of others and make every effort to insure that copyright violation is taken very seriously and enforced in our business. Each user who uploads or shares content on has the responsibility of insuring that the content they upload to our website is done so in accordance with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will not infringe on the a third party copyright. When we find copywritten content on our website uploaded from one or more users appropiate action may be taken including the terminination of those accounts especially if they are considered to be repeat offenders or copyright infringers.

Copyright Infringement Policy And Disclosure Information

If you are a photographer, graphic designer, web master or artist and you have a copywritten work that appears on we encourage you to contact us immediately and request that we remove the content that you currently have authority over. To request removal of your copywritten content please contact us in writing via email or postal mail to our inhouse department that handles all DMCA issues.

Here’s How To File A DMCA Notice With

Please make sure your written corespondence includes the following information:

• Your Content Information: Should include specific file names or identification of copywritten content that we have posted on If more than one piece of content is posted on our website please send us a complete list of which specific items or works that you feel your rights we are currently infringing upon.
• Location Of Your Content On Our Website: Your correspondence should also include links for each page of our website (URL) that your content is posted on so we can quickly find and resolve this situation for you.
• Your Contact Information: Should include your phone number, mailing address and email address for where you or your authorized agent can be contacted.
• Your Written Statement: This statement must include your written statement including how you feel or believe that the use of your copywritten material was not authorized and is not being using in accordance with the law.
• Direction Or Instructions For Your Content – Last of all, but must important, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY please send us your statement of direction for what you would like us to do with your copywritten files, text or content that we have posted on our website.
• Your digital or physical signature.

Send Your Written Corespondence Here

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Here’s how to have your content restored On

At we take the DMCA act very seriously, if you feel that your content may have been removed by mistake please submit a Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) Couinter Notification to us that includes the following:

1. Your contact information inculuding: Name, address and your telephone number.
2. Brief description of your content that was removed from including the URL or website address that it previously appeared on.
3. Write a brief statement detailing in good faith how you feel we misidentified and removed or disabled content.
4. Your physical or electronic signature.

Once this statement is completed please submit it to us via the contact information below:
Email – ( Repeat Offender (Infringer) Policy

At we will not tollerate DMCA violations and will terminate any users account if it has received up to three DMCA notifications. We also reserve the right to terminate a users account if they have received less than 3 DMCA notices from and have willfully violated our terms of service.