Terms Of Services


Function of Website

This website allows users to search through a variety of visual content, such as photos, images, illustrations, vectors, icons, and Photoshop files. This content may appear in any format, along with information about the content.

When users search through our web service, it may locate third party content that is being distributed for free over the internet. The search results could also bring up content that is licensed or owned by Pix Sector or a third party sponsor who is not offering the content for free. If the content is provided by a sponsor then it will say so in the search results. All content from Pix Sector gets downloaded through our own website.

Content Services

Our website’s services can be used for searching for content that may belong to third parties, sponsors or Pix Sector. Users will also be able to download Pix Sector content directly from our website.

Authorization of Using Our Services

By using the content and services found on this website, the user agrees they won’t use them for fraudulent or illegal purposes. User agrees that any action or conduct taken from the use of the website content cannot damage or hurt the interests, rights or reputation of Pix Sector, its sponsors or any third parties.

The user agrees that they will use the website responsibly and not try to interfere with its functionality. This means the user cannot conduct any actions that try to overload or make unavailable the services that exist on the website. Pix Sector also prohibits anyone from using spiders, robots or any automated tool to copy or control the website, or any part of the website and its services.
The user may not access any part of the website other than with the methods authorized and made available by Pix Sector. The user must also ensure they have the proper equipment and software that will allow them to use the services on the website.

All of these rights that are granted to the user are nontransferable. This means they cannot be assigned or given to any third party entity such as an affiliate or members of their company.

The user agrees to accept any advertising published on the website which may or may not be related to the content they are searching or using.


There are certain services on the Pix Sector website that require users to register for an individual account. This means the user will have to create a username and password of their choosing, and must also include a valid email address on the registration form. Once the form has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that was provided on the form. The user must follow the instructions in the email to activate their account. Afterwards, the user will have access to the services that require a registered account.

Any user who registers for an account with Pix Sector agrees to provide accurate information that is mandatory on the registration form. Users are also responsible for keeping this information up to date as they maintain their account. If users are signing up on behalf of a business or legal entity then they declare to be duly authorized to represent and bind that legal entity or business to the terms set forth by Pix Sector.

Pix Sector has the right to cancel or suspend an account if they feel the user has violated or breached the terms of this agreement.

Sponsored and Third Party Content

The role that Pix Sector has in providing third party and sponsored content is merely limited to allowing users to search for this content and then providing a link of the relevant website which hosts the content. Pix Sector may also include any other relevant information which pertains to this content.

There are some situations where the services will be presented in a Pix Sector frame in order to provide a better user experience. Please remember that Pix Sector is not the actual provider of the sponsored and third party content. Just because Pix Sector provides search results and links to third party and sponsored content does not necessarily mean there is a relationship established between these creators and Pix Sector.

User Responsibility

By using this website and the services that are on it, the user accepts and acknowledges that they are doing so under their own responsibility and risk. Pix Sector is not responsible for the user misusing the services or breathing the terms of this agreement.

If the user partakes in actions of misuse of the website or services which creates damages to Pix Sector, the user accepts responsibility for those damages and agrees not to hold Pix Sector or any of its employees, representatives, agents, directors or other stakeholders liable in any way.

Pix Sector does not make any guarantees or provide warranties towards the availability or future availability of the website or its services.

Intellectual Property

Pix Sector owns the license to the following intellectual property:

A) The Website
B) The Services
C) Pix Sector Content
D) Pix Sector designs and source codes
E) All content within these designs and source codes (images, data bases, animations, trademarks, buttons, icons, logos, sound recordings, videos, pictures, and so on).

The third party and sponsored content have their own intellectual property rights and owners. Even though Pix Sector’s services provide access to this content for viewing or downloading, users agree to abide by the specific conditions and terms set forth by these third parties or sponsors regarding their own content.

If for some reason the third party or sponsor of content listed on Pix Sector does not want their content on the Pix Sector website, this third party content provider can simply contact Pix Sector and request to have their content removed from its search engine and website. The request will be granted as soon as possible.

End User License Agreement

Pix Sector gives authorization for users to use and download any of Pix Sector’s content as long as they follow the terms of this agreement. Pix Sector reserves all rights to their content, even the rights that are not granted in the user’s license.

Pix Sector grants a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable worldwide license to the user for the purposes of download, using and modifying all Pix Sector content. Users may use Pix Sector content as long as they follow certain conditions:

A) Content cannot be used for collective purposes.
B) Content cannot be used in a way that suggests an endorsement by Pix Sector.
C) Content cannot be stored or provided in a database or archived in a way which affects the website’s number of visits or the number of downloads it gets.
D) Content cannot be resold, licensed, transferred or assigned; nor can any derived work created with the Pix Sector content.
E) Content cannot be printed or placed on items intended to be resold.
F) Content is not used with projects which contain porn or immoral contents.

General Contact Information

The terms regarding the use of this website and its services are governed by Slovakian law. If you have any questions or comments about the terms of this agreement, or if you’d like to file a claim about a violation, please contact Pix Sector’s customer service team at CONTACT US .