Privacy Policy


How Pix Sector Uses Personal Information

You can browse our website without providing any personal information. At Pix Sector, we believe in protecting your privacy by not asking for any personal information when it comes to the simple navigation of our website. If you want to register for our website, the information that is gathered will be stored in a file on Pix Sector so that we can provide you with certain services and functions that are unavailable to anyone not registered. We will also use the information you provide to send you valuable information with our newsletter, the subscription of which you can cancel at your convenience at any time.

We do not gather any information related to age of those who register with our site which includes the day they were born. This is because people of all ages are welcome to browse our site which is family-friendly in nature. Any information that is received to Pix Sector in terms of the following;

A) Broken links
B) Contact forms
C) Satisfaction surveys
D) Our email addresses

It will be used with the intention of responding to questions, complaints, or suggestions that are sent to our website. In terms of any gathering of personal information, it will only be used for the stated purpose of responding to inquiries unless it was through employment applications or the like. In that case, such information will be used as part of screening potential new employees to our company.

In addition, our website is designed to perform actions with regard to certain social network platforms based on various plugins. The plugins are designed to include the logo of the social network that is being included such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and the like. If the plugins are accepted by your browser, then you can find more information on how your personal information and data is used when interacting with our website through social networks. You can always shut off the plugins if you do not want them to interact with the social networks where you have accounts.


Although the Pix Sector website is family-friendly, it is not intended to gather the personal information of those 13 years of age or younger. If you discover that your child has provided such information to Pix Sector, you can contact us to have it removed promptly.

Rights to Access, Modify, or Cancel use of Personal Information

At Pix Sector, we believe in your right of privacy which means that you can access, modify, or cancel the use of personal information. You can access or modify your data as entered into the “My Account” section of the site. This means that you can add, change, or remove information that you entered as part of registering to our website anytime you want.

You can also contact our offices in terms of the privacy information that you have included if you have any questions or concerns. We encourage open communication when it comes to any concern you have over how your private information is being used.

Use of Cookies

Our company uses cookies to help make your browsing experience better on our website. The cookies come from third party sources and are basically information that is placed on your device that helps in terms of storing and then recovering information about the use of our website by you.

Cookies provide an invaluable service because they help us to see how you are using our website. Plus, the help improve your experience with the website, enable certain features, and assist with items such as storing the password for our site so you do not have to log on each time you visit us.

There are five different types of cookies that offer the following traits;

A) Analysis
B) Customization
C) Functionality
D) Advertising
E) Behavioral

Cookies that analyze are used to record the behavior of those who visit our website. The information gathered helps track activity in terms of navigation which is used to create a better experience for the user. Customization allows users to access certain services that have predefined characteristics according to our criteria.

Functionality lets users browse our website and take advantage of the options available to access different services. In addition, cookies that oversee advertising do so to properly manage the spaces that are available so that you have the best experience. Finally, cookies that oversee behavior manage advertising spaces as well as store information about how you use our website. The more we know about how visitors use our site, the better experience we can create for them. As a matter of policy, Pix Sector will never ask a question or perform any inquiry designed to link a particular IP address with a person. That means your IP address is never accessed because it may contain personal information that we do not want to interact with on any level. By doing so means that we may be in violation of laws, rules, and regulations that govern the use of IP addresses by services like ours with users like you.

Interaction with Other Sites

The advertisers you see on our website may use cookies or other programs that we do not control. That means that we are not responsible for your interaction with an advertisement that is placed on our site. The advertiser will have their own privacy rules and regulations that may be different than our own and we cannot be responsible for their actions. It is your responsibility when interacting with advertising when it comes to providing any personal information.

Transfer of Information Outside Home Country

Because of the nature of the internet, it is possible that the personal information you provide to our website will be kept and stored on servers in a country apart from your own. It is possible that in reaching our website that the journey goes through servers outside your locality, state, province, or country. Our privacy policy remains in-force in terms of what you provide to us when registering for our site. Having stated that, the information itself may be stored in places outside your home country. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that your information remains private and not used outside of our application.